We’re doing it! TQ Poet and I have continued to motivate each other to write. We met again last evening and brought several new projects and ideas to mull over.

We’ve decided to pursue the nanowrimo this year. I’ve done it several years now, but always fade after a few days, because I really don’t envision myself as a novelist. I’ve always seen myself as a poet and essayist, but what’s the harm in branching out? Writing is writing, so here’s to one more try.


This year, I’m going to take another attempt at my chicklit novel about the 1970s bar scene in Detroit. I’m pretty excited about how often I’ve stopped what I was doing and taken time to write in the past month. My meetings with TQ Poet have really helped me to clarify what I want to do and the importance of just doing it. Business and the pursuit of making a living are not going to stop me this time.



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