Day three of January writing challenge…  I loved the Clifton poem and rope imagery and the writing prompt. Thank you for another inspiring lesson!
How do you imagine your journey of life and how do you want to represent it?
As I travel to my next destination
I wonder how long until this journey ends
In college, I read Blue Highways
And was hungry to drive them some day

I longed for the unbeaten path
where less is more
a nomad’s life, authentic and gritty
Mom and pop diners, small towns, dirt roads

When I was 40, I met a man
who wanted to take the same journey
We merged plans, packed the car,
And set out to see what we could find

My heart was full as I watched him
Bent over the large paper atlas
A sea of untapped adventures
spread open on the hood of the car

We drove through deserts and mountains
Windows down, my unbraided hair swirling freely
Some decisions weren’t wise or safe
But I’ve never believed in regrets

We came upon Route 66 once
And he belted out the song as we drove
Just one of a million perfect memories
From before his journey ended

Today, my age matches that route number
I’d better quit looking in the rearview mirror
Buy myself a new atlas
And spread it on the hood of my car


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